We Partnered with Access Ability Wisconsin

Partnered with Access Ability Wisconsin

About Access Ability Wisconsin 

Access Ability Wisconsin (AAW) is a non-profit organization devoted to providing the ability for those with mobility challenges to enjoy the natural world that Wisconsin has to offer. The goal of AAW is to have one outdoor wheelchair in each Wisconsin county. This will create more opportunities for individuals with physical disabilities to join their friends and families in participating in outdoor activities. For more information visit www.AccessAbilityWI.org. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to reach out to Access Ability Wisconsin via email, AAW@AccessAbilityWI.org, or via phone at (608) 886-9388.

All-Terrain Chair

An outdoor wheelchair (OWC), also called an all-terrain wheelchair, is a wheelchair with tracks in place of wheels. People often say it looks like a wheelchair with tank tracks. For anyone who uses a wheelchair, one could think of a OWC as a pair of hiking boots. OWCs are designed to be used on trails in Wisconsin year-round. How has the equipment been used? For outdoor concerts, bird watching, fishing, camping, at the county fair, at the conservancy, a wedding in the marsh, outdoor field trips, outdoor excursions, and much more…
Also, organizations and schools can reserve it for their outdoor events. If you know of someone who would benefit from using the OWC, please share this page with them.
Our OWC includes an adjustable attachment arm for outdoor activities, which can be used as a rail for photography, fishing, spotting scopes, shooting sports; pretty much any activity where it might be useful to rest something in front of or next to you.

How to Reserve the Chair

People are invited to take the equipment where they want to participate in outdoor activities, and we allow free use with a minimal deposit. We do require a signed liability waiver, survey, pictures/video and that’s it!
In order to check out the Outdoor Wheelchair the following is required:

  • The Outdoor Wheelchair is free to use, but a deposit of $50 is required.
  • Upon return and inspection, the deposit can either be donated toward maintenance or returned to the user.
  • A FHNB staff member will confirm the driver’s driver’s license and proof of insurance and make copies.
  • A suitable vehicle with a 2″ ball trailer hitch is required (van, truck, etc. A small sedan will not safely support the weight of the enclosed trailer). Whether the vehicle is safe to tow the trailer is at the discretion of FHNB staff
    • If possible, AAW asks that track chair users take photos or videos about using the track chair and experiences out in nature.
  • While we only have one chair on the property, additional chairs can be reserved, and, as schedules permit, we will arrange for their transportation to FHNB 

Any questions feel free to contact FHNB at 715-634-3185 or hayfhnb@cheqnet.net .  We are in the office Monday Thru Thursday 8am to 3pm.  To reserve the chair click the Link and you will be directed to the website!   https://locations.accessabilitywi.org/Map/Hayward-Sawyer