Ekstrom Scholarship

Doris Ekstrom participated in the Fishing Has No Boundaries event in Hayward, WI, for 20 years and always enjoyed attending, not only for the fishing, but to visit with friends she had met over the years. She was known for her smile and outgoing personality: she always visited with everyone. In December of 1985, she had toxic shock syndrome and in January of 1986, she had both legs amputated below the knees along with most of her fingers. After 17 weeks in the hospital, she said,” I went in the hospital on a gurney and walked out on new legs.”

She was now on her way to a new lifestyle, and did not let these new challenges stop her. She was still able to fish with the help of a sleeve that fit on her left arm to hold her fishing rod and she had enough of her fingers on her right hand to be able to reel the fish in. In October of 2001 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and from then until her death in November of 2010 she kept her attitude positive. This scholarship is in her honor and what Fishing Has No Boundaries meant to her.

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements
• Must be a high school graduate or equivalent
• Enrolled (at least half-time) at a state accredited college or technical school
• Be a legal U.S. resident or be residing in U. S. legally
• Be a participant or volunteer, or spouse, child or grandchild of a participant, or volunteer who participated in one of the Fishing Has No Boundaries events this past year

Scholarship Provision
• $500 scholarship annually

Ekstrom Scholarship Application (this is a form you can fill in and print off)