Board of Directors

Fishing Has No Boundaries®’ goal is to provide national recreational fishing opportunities for all persons with disabilities regardless of age, race, gender, or disability.

Howard MorganHoward Morgan – Director at Large

Howard Morgan is a retired electrical contractor who has lived most of his years in Hayward, Wisconsin.

In 1986, he was a part of the first meetings of FHNB when they set a start date for the first event in 1988. With 75 participants that first year, they held the event at the Chippewa Campground where it continues to this day. He has served in just about all capacities over the years including the role of President for 10 years. Some of his other interests include being the Chapter Director of Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, serving 20 years as a supervisor on the Sawyer County Board, and active involvement in church functions.

Bill KohlsBill Kohls – Director at Large

Bill Kohls discovered FHNB through a newspaper article in 1993. He had suffered a stroke that left him with limited use of his right arm; being a person who loved fishing, this brought on a great fear of not being able to fish anymore. He became involved with FHNB at that time, and since then, he has been attending events in Hayward, Eagle River, Madison, and various other locations. In 1996, he became a board member for the Madison chapter of FHNB, and was then recommended for a position on the National Board. He has since served as both Vice President and President, and is currently serving as a Director of the Board for the National FHNB Organization. Bill has been avidly involved in FHNB, with his greatest personal interest being in electric reels.

Rex SchultzRaymond “Rex” Schultz – Director at Large

Rex Schultz became involved in the establishment of FHNB in 1986-87 with a group of people. He is now retired and resides in the Hayward area during summer and, during the cold Wisconsin winters, is a part-time Texan. He has served in different capacities with local chapters as well as on the National Board of Directors. Rex has attended just about all of the events and looks forward continuing volunteering with FHNB.


Josette BuehlmanJosette Buehlman – Director at Large

Josette Buehlman has been volunteering with Fishing has No Boundaries for many years, starting with the first event in Hayward. She has served in various capacities for the FHNB organization including coordinating the volunteers for one of the chapter boards, traveling to chapters throughout the U.S. to help with initial startup, and for the past 15 years, as a member of the National Board.

Besides her affiliation with FHNB, she serves on the Juneau County Aging and Disability Board (ADRC), she is President of the Mauston Lioness Club, Vice President of the SEA of Change (a coalition to assist the homeless of Juneau County), and is a volunteer guardian for the Coalition of the Elderly in Dane County. She also enjoys being a workshop teacher for the Juneau County Health Department and the ADRC. Josette says, “I love all the opportunities afforded me by volunteering; my life has been, and continues to be, made fuller by these experiences.”

Josette retired early from the telecommunications industry where she worked in customer service and troubleshooting for 27 years. A few years later, she was employed by a large Catholic Parish to coordinate their outreach in addition to managing their charitable programs and donations. She is currently retired and living with her husband and two dogs in rural Mauston, Wisconsin.

Diane PouliotDiane Pouliot – Director at Large

Diane Pouliot’s interest and involvement with Fishing Has No Boundaries began a number of years ago when her brother, whose daughter was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, found out about the organization and began taking her to the events in Hayward, Wisconsin. After moving out of state, her brother wanted to start his own Chapter in Colorado, and thus asked Diane to join him in attending the FHNB Annual Conventions. With that, Diane was approached to join the Board of Directors for the National FHNB Organization. Volunteering has always been a big part of Diane’s life and she has been involved with countless volunteer projects on her own, with family and friends, and through her employer, RBC Wealth Management. Outside of volunteering with Fishing Has No Boundaries, Diane actively volunteers with the Minnesota Chapter of the organization, CureSMA where she has been involved for over 25 years, including formerly holding the position of Secretary on their Board of Directors.

Vance BalstadVance Balstad – Director at Large

Vance Balstad, who recently retired after 35 plus years of employment with Bemidji State University’s athletic department, first got involved with FHNB in 1995. He and his wife became involved with the Paul Bunyan Chapter by helping coordinate food for the event. Since that time, he has served the organization in various capacities including co-chairman. Vance is not only a proud member of the FHNB Inc. board but is also on the board of the Bemidji Lions Club.

When he is out promoting FHNB, there are two things he wants to share with people. First, for many of our anglers, a FHNB fishing event is like the Super Bowl or the World Series: it is their one big chance each year to get on the water for a great fishing experience. Second, he tells them that if we can get them to volunteer just one time, they too, like a fish, will be hooked and will want to come back year after year.